Municipality of Alleyn & Cawood

Municipalité d’Alleyn et Cawood

Municipalité d’Alleyn et Cawood

Welcome! to the municipality of Alleyn & Cawood

La municipalité d’alleyn et cawood

Why come live at Alleyn and Cawood ?

The Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood is located in the MRC Pontiac approximately 1 hour from Gatineau. The Municipality is 325.3 km/2, approximately 50% of this is Crown land (public land owned by the Government). The majority of the permanent residents, approximately 200, live right in the Village of Danford Lake along highway 301 and the Kazabazua River. About 74% of the permanent residents are Anglophone, which awards the Municipality the official bilingual status.


Our proximity to major urban centers

Our proximity to major cities such as Gatineau/Ottawa makes us the ideal location for a quiet escape. Whether you are looking for a big lake for water sports or smaller lake for kayaking/canoeing, paddleboat or to paddle board; WE HAVE IT ALL!! If you are looking for a new place to call home, we are within a 30 minute drive from government subsidized daycares, elementary and secondary schools, grocery stores and pharmacies, community health and social service centers, doctor and dentist offices, restaurants, bakeries, hardware stores, service stations, arena, baseball diamonds, soccer fields and many more children activities.

Live in the heart of nature

Our Municipality features beautiful forests, serene lakes, and pristine streams for outdoor enthusiasts. It is the ideal place for swimming, fishing, hunting, kayaking, hiking, and camping. We are the home of a protected biodiversity reserve, Mont O’Brien, which is maintained by the Mont O’Brien Association. The Association organize activities throughout the year: bird watching, hikes, mushroom forging and other nature inspired activities. The Picanoc River, which Pierre-Elliott Trudeau once paddled, goes through our Municipality. We also have a local equestrian school. In the winter, there are federated ski-doo trails. Also, we are located 15 minutes from Mont-St-Marie ski hill.

The Bethany Hall, a meeting place

Bethany Hall which was built by volunteers and which is maintained by the Bethany Hall Committee serves as a community center and is available to rent for a minimal fee. It is the home of our annual Breakfast with Santa which is a free breakfast served to the community and Santa brings gifts for all the local children. It is the hub of all seniors’ events: cards, darts, Christmas Supper, etc. The Bethany Hall Committee hosts the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Spring Yard/Bake Sale, many craft and kids sales, the Low District Lions Club Annual Sweet Heart Auction and other community celebrations; many couples in our community have held their wedding receptions here.

The hospitality of the community

The Municipality has a great sense of community with events throughout the year organized by hard working and generous volunteers. The Henry Heeney Memorial Park is home to many of our community events and associations. The community War Memorial is located here, where our annual Remembrance Day ceremony is held and organized by the hard working Cenotaph Committee. Our Annual Mud run is held here which is organized by the Danford Lake Recreation Association (DLRA) and MANY dedicated hard working volunteers. Our Annual Free Canada Day BBQ/Celebration is also hosted here. In 2015, the Municipality and DLRA purchased and installed a play structure for the youth of our community. The Municipality maintains an NHL sized rink and a cosy and warm building for you to put your skates on and warm up between hockey games.

Citizen Alert

We need your signatures for our petition at the National Assembly. Please visit this link and follow these steps Learn more

What's new?

New Rates offered for Summer Camp

12 July 2024
ATTENTION PARENTS & GUARDIANS; We have the answer to your summer childcare needs

Public Meeting - Evaluation

19 June 2024
Come to our public meeting to have information about the comparatif factor and the actions taken by our Task Force.

Did you know ?

Did you know that the Township of Alleyn was proclaimed in 1864 referring to Charles-Joseph Alleyn (1817-1890), a lawyer and politician of Irish origin. The Township of Cawood was proclaimed in 1861 and named after the Cawood Town of Yorkshire County, England.
Did you know that the Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood was founded in 1876? Neither the township of Alleyn nor Cawood had sufficient property (100 square miles) to form a Municipality. Amalgamation seemed to be the only solution and so they registered as a single ‘Rural Municipality’ on June 14, 1876.
Did you know that electricity came to the Municipality in 1957? Prior to this, residents depended on coal lamps and candles. The businesses had privately owned electrical systems run by oil.
Did you know that the SPCA service is offered in our Municipality? You can purchase your annual SPCA pet tag at the Municipal Office for 20$ per pet.

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