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Prevention of Fires in the Territory of the MRC Pontiac. With the warmer weather approaching we are all wanting to get out, clean up our property and have the occasional bon fire.  Please read the attached guidelines concerning open fires in our municipality.

These regulations have been established to ensure the safety of our communities and the preservation or our environment. 

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  • Before making an open fire make sure to verify the risk level rating available on our home page or call SOPFEU 1-800-463-3389. There is also a sign entering the Municipality indicating the fire rating.
  • Before having an outdoor fire please refer to the following information provided by the Fire Prevention Team at the MRC Pontiac:

Fire prevention brochure eng.jpg

  • Our Fire department is equiped with oxygen, so if patient has difficulty breathing, please call 911 and request that they dispatch the fire department IMMEDIATELY. 
  • When calling 911 and in need of a defibrillator please ask the operator to dispatch the fire department IMMEDIATELY requesting the defibrillator. It could save a life!
  • In case of an emergency please call 911 and NOT the Municipal Office.



Interested in Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter?

The Service Incendies Kazabazua-Danford Lake Fire Department is looking for volunteer firefighters. Volunteer firefighting isn’t gender or age specific. There are men and women of all ages who volunteer in a variety of fire department roles – both operational and non-operational. In many communities, volunteers are the only way to provide emergency services, and it takes many types of people performing many different functions to get the job done. There are lots of wonderful stories of senior citizens who volunteer well into their sixties and seventies, doing what they can to serve their communities. The same is true for our youth. Junior firefighter programs allow youth to experience the responsibility of helping someone in need and in many cases introduces them to career choices and leadership experience they may not see in a classroom.

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