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Waste, recycling and compost

The Municipality is currently in the process of implementing a new wheeled bin system for its waste management. We will have wheeled bins for both recycling and household waste. The bins will be distributed to residents during the week of August 14 and 21. We have also purchased a garbage truck with a compactor. Please find below the information documents for this new procedure.

 By-Law 2023-007: Revised Waste Management & Composting By-Law


New Procedure for residence on municipal road


New Procedure for residence on private road

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** Please note that if there is an emergency in the Municipality your garbage could be picked up the following day.**

Please click here to consult our New Large Waste 2023


The Municipality is not accepting the following items:

  • Tires on rims (we accept the tires and rims separately)
  • Shingles and any sort of construction waste

The Municipality accepts:

  • Batteries (at the Municipal Hall)
  • Paint Cans
  • Electronic waste (at the Municipal Hall)

If you have any construction material that you need to throw out please contact the following company:

Here are the accepted materials for recycling : 


If you need to remove junk cars, scrap metals and vehicle batteries contact Roger Johnson, 819-467-2009.

The municipality encourages all taxpayers to compost. The municipality is currently in the process of offering this service to taxpayers. To better prepare ourselves please fill out this survey: coming soon.