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Newsletter 2 - Update Covid-19

13 April 2020



Municipal Office / Library 

Update of the Action Plan

The Municipal Office and Library are closed to the public. The office will remain open and will be operating business as usual via telecommunications every weekday until noon. If you need to pay taxes in person, envelopes are provided at the door you can insert payment in the opening of the door and a receipt will be sent to you by mail.

Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood

The Municipality continues to follow the information provided in the media in order to keep our population safe. We are receiving updates from the Warden, Jane Toller, who has regular conference calls with CISSO to target where the new cases are coming from in the Outaouais. For the moment, the concentration is in the urban area of Gatineau. If you have internet access please follow our Facebook page where I share press releases from the MRC Pontiac.

Municipal Tax Payment Reported

The Municipal Council of Alleyn and Cawood are aware that this pandemic is having an impact on everyone's finances. We have agreed to change the payment dates.

Payment due April 15th 2020          June 15th 2020 

Payment due June 15th 2020          August 15th 2020   

Payment due August 15th 2020       October 15th 2020 

Payment due October 15th 2020     December 15th 2020


If you have already sent your post-dated cheques it is possible to send us new ones including the new dates. Please notify us if you are sending replacement cheques.


Partnership with Magasin TL and Metro Kelly Gracefield for our seniors

The Municipality has developed an assistance program for seniors during this time of isolation. Courtesy calls have been made to seniors in our population for a few weeks now to ensure that seniors are not missing any essential goods. The Magasin TL and Metro Kelly of Gracefield have agreed to prepare the orders picked up by the Municipality and we are delivering groceries and prescriptions to senior’s homes. You need to call the Municipal Office to place your orders. If you are a senior in our Municipality and you have not received a call and would need this service, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Hygiene measures to protect our personnel who collect garbage:

At home, used tissues, gloves, masks, wipes and other protective or cleaning products that are potentially contaminated must be placed in a sealed bag and then in a closed garbage container. Such materials must not be placed in the recycling bin or organic material bin.

When outside the home, if you use tissues, gloves, masks, wipes or other protective or cleaning products, be sure to dispose of them in the nearby garbage after use or bring them back home for proper waste handling.

Make sure to wash your hands before and after you tied your garbage and recycling bags.

The most important is to try and avoid all social contacts.

Thank you to protect the health of our staff that assures your garbage pickup.

If you suspect you have COVID-19

Do not call 811

Please call 1-877-644-4545

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