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Newsletter 3

18 May 2020

    Municipality Alleyn and Cawood



REMINDER –Large Waste

Large waste will be accepted at the drop off site located at 499 route 301 (chemin du Depotoir) this Saturday May 23rd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Each ratepayer was given 2 coupons per property. These coupons are voucher # 5 and #6 located on the bottom of your tax bill. If you require more than 2 large waste coupons, there will be a charge of 20$ per load. A load consists of a truck with or without a utility trailer.


Electronic Books and Digital Catalogue

To date, there has been no date announced by our provincial government regarding the reopening of libraries. The Reseau Bilbio Outaouais offers a selection of electronic books available in French and English, as well as digital catalogues. You can register on their website in order to have access to these services: https://www.reseaubibliooutaouais.qc.ca/fr . If you are already a member of our library, you will need your user number located on your library card. Do not hesitate to contact the Municipality if you need to validate your user number or if you need guidance while navigating their website since, it is unfortunately only in french.


Have a good read!

Current Fire Ban
It is currently forbidden to make open fires in the forest or nearby. This decision is taken in collaboration with the Society for the Protection of Forests Against Fire (SOPFEU) as well as the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks.

In the current conditions conducive to forest fires, it is easy to quickly lose control of the fires that are lit during the spring cleaning of the grounds. Indeed, more than half of the fires that have occurred since the beginning of spring were caused by the loss of control of a burning of waste or residual materials made by residents.

This ban on open fires also aims to preserve the operational capacity of SOPFEU and that of municipal volunteer firefighters for the safety services during the pandemic, by limiting the risks of spread of the virus when firefighters respond to alerts.

If you think you have COVID-19

Do not call 811

Please Call 1-877-644-4545

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