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Petition - Revision of the comparatif factor

28 May 2024

Dear Alleyn-and-Cawood Community,


This past weekend, our dedicated taskforce was actively collecting signatures to challenge the recent 370% increase in property assessments. I am pleased to announce that our municipality and Council have officially joined this effort, standing united with our residents to fight this unjust evaluation.


We are aiming to gather at least 500 signatures by the next Council meeting on June 3rd. However, to truly make an impact, we need more voices. We urge every member of our community to reach out to friends and family in the 17 other municipalities within the MRC Pontiac. Their support is crucial as they, too, are facing similar unfair increases in 2025.


You can easily join this cause by downloading the petition form, printing it out, and collecting signatures within your network and sending me personalized letters for the Minister at dg@alleyn-cawood.ca. The more signatures and stories we gather, the stronger our message will be when we present it to the MRC Pontiac and the Minister of Municipal Services, Andrée Laforest. Please note that I need the original copy of the petition sheet. Together, we can demand a reduction in this hike and a fair and accurate evaluation process that reflects the true housing market.


We need your help to ensure our community's voice is heard loud and clear. Let’s rally together, show our strength in numbers, and fight for what is right. Please share with your networks. 


Thank you for your support and commitment.




Isabelle Cardinal

Director General, Alleyn-and-Cawood

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