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Urban planning


In the last couple of years, the Municipality of Alleyn & Cawood has made great progress in a sustainable development approach. The municipality wants to encourage development on its territory, which is why several By-laws are currently being drafted to modify them and be up to date with new trends.

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Please consult our directories of By-laws and regulations.

Provincial regulations :






Municipal regulations :

  • No. 07-036 - Administrative By-Law concerning the Zoning, Sub-divison and Construction By-laws in the Municipality: 


  • No. 07-037 - Zoning By-Law:


  • No. 07-038 - Sub-Division By-Law:


  • No. 07-039 - Construction By-Law:


  • Trailer By-Law

Trailer By-Law 2021-002

  • Off Road Vehicle By-Law

Off Road Vehicles 2021-003

Rules of the MRC Pontiac :

  • 65-99 - Land Development Plan

Regulations of the Sûreté du Québec :

  • 97-014 - Public Nuissance

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