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Urban planning


It is the responsibility of the owner to apply for a permit and obtain the authorization of the municipal inspector before starting a project of:

  • septic installations
  • civic number
  • constructions
  • modifications
  • renovations
  • repairs
  • extensions
  • reconstruction
  • demolition
  • moving a building or structure
  • etc.

Please consult our Fees for permits and certificats to find out the amount assigned for each application.

In order to provide us with the necessary information for the application of the permit or certificate of authorization, please complete the Form for application of permits and certificats provided for this purpose and send it by mail to the attention of the municipal inspector or simply by email at the following email address: inspection@alleyn-cawood.ca

Subsequently, if the whole is in accordance with the provisions of the provincial, municipal or regional by-laws in effect to date, the Urbanism Department will contact the owner and / or the applicant to proceed with the issuance of the permit or the certificate of authorization requested.

You can refer to our geometric map GOnet, for information only, https://www.goazimut.com/ to help you obtain some information about a location and its role of assessment on the territory of the Municipality of Alleyn & Cawood.


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