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Community life


Danford Lake Recreation Association

More commonly known as the D.L.R.A, and most popular for their annual Mudrun. This not for profit association is volunteer ran. Putting on several activities through out the year, helps them fundraise to put on completely free affairs. Such as the breakfast with Santa; where there is a free breakfast, and Santa hands out gifts to the children, along with Canada day; that is a free lunch, bouncy castle and duck race!

Bear's Den Club

 The Brear's Den Club is a privately owned club. With some of their members being locals, a lot of the members also being from the U.S.A! One of the biggest dos is the New Year's Eve party, which allows them to host the annual Family day in August! That means once a year the club opens their gates and hosts a free public BBQ lunch. Where you can enjoy the beautiful club set on the gorgeous Picanoc River and, participate in a raffle, 50/50 and competitive corn hole!

Bethany Hall Committee

Ran and maintained by volunteers they are a not for profit organization. Their main funding comes from fundraisers and donations. Not only do they maintain the hall, they also help fund the local churches, seinor's club and lions club! They are currently fundraising to upgrade their handicap entrance/exit. If your looking for a location to rent, don't hesitate to book the bethany hall!

Cenotaph Committee

The Cenotaph Committee holds the annual Remembrance day celebration at the - Memorial park. Afterwards there is a luncheon hosted at the Bethany Hall. But, they remain active throughout the year too!

Danford Lake Horizon's Club

Danford Lake Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Our municipality is blessed to have several committees and associations that are operated by dedicated volunteers. Here is our list of committees and associations in our municipality :

  • Danford Lake Recreation Association
  • Bear’s Den Club
  • Bethany Hall Committee
  • Cenotaph Committee
  • Danford Lake Horizon’s Club
  • Danford Lake Holy Trinity Anglican Church
  • Danford Lake United Church
  • Mount O’Brien Association
  • Kazabazua-Danford Lake Fire Department
  • Mile Beaver Club

The municipality also have two lake associations : 

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Privacy policy

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