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Community life


Danford Like Recreation Association

Better known as D.L.R.A., this association is known far and wide for its most popular event, the Danford Lake Mudrun. This non-profit organization is based on volunteer worker's.

D.L.R.A. organizes many activities throughout the year, and partners with the municipality to offer the community events such as: Santa Claus Parade, which gives presents to all children who register, Canada Day, Carnival and many others. To contact the Danford Lake Association, please send an e-mail to danfordlakera@gmail.com.


Cenotaph Committee

Every November 11, the Cenotaph Committee hosts our annual Remembrance Day Celebration. This committee is truly dedicated to ensuring that members of our community who have served our country are remembered and not forgotten.

Not only do they host the service held at Henry Heeney Memorial Park, where our cenotaph is located, they also organize raffles and fundraisers, and the proceeds go towards the feeding and care of our Canadian Veterans from our area.

After the ceremony we gather at Bethany Hall for a free luncheon, where we can visit and chat with each other and members from our Canadian Armed Forces.

Bear's Den Club

The Bear's Den Club is a private association of members from Canada and the United States. The Bear's Den has been in existence for generations, and the clubhouse is located on the banks of the Picanoc River, just off Beauregard Road.

The association has hosted the community's New Year's Eve party in the past and organizes an annual family day in August! 

This means that once a year, the association opens its doors and hosts a free public barbecue. You can enjoy the beautiful clubhouse, take part in many activities, such as a 50/50 raffle, door prizes, gift basket draws, prizes for children and a corn hole contest, to name but a few.

Bethany Hall Committee

Bethany Hall is our community hall and the HUB  of our community and is a not for profit organization. All funding to maintain our community hall comes from fundraisers and donations.

The Hall Committee, as they are known locally, is made up of members of the community who work tirerlessly all year to ensure our community hall can remain open. They host the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Annual Summer Garage Sale, Winter Treats & Treasure sale, Senior's Christmas Dinner, and Dance, as well as partnering with other associations like the DLRA and the Cenotaph committee. The Bethany Hall Committee also help fund the local churches, seinor's club and lions club! The committee is currently fundraising to upgrade their handicap entrance/exit.

If your looking for a location to rent, don't hesitate to book the Bethany hall. For further information or inquiries please email: bethanyhalldanfordlake@gmail.com

Our municipality is fortunate to have several committees and associations that are operated by dedicated volunteers. Here is our list of committees and associations in our municipality :

  • Danford Lake Recreation Association
  • Bear’s Den Club
  • Bethany Hall Committee
  • Cenotaph Committee
  • Danford Lake Horizon’s Club
  • Danford Lake Holy Trinity Anglican Church
  • Danford Lake United Church
  • Kazabazua-Danford Lake Fire Department
  • 5 Mile Beaver Club

The municipality also have two lake associations : 

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